PTP 450/450i

Optimized For Reach, Reliability and Throughput

PTP 450/450i is Cambium Networks’ first point-to-point backhaul solution offered in 3.65 GHz lightly licensed and 3.5 GHz licensed bands, in addition to 4.9 and 5 GHz.  PTP 450/450i is a PTP solution based on the point-to-multipoint platform, incorporating key features such as low predictable latency and GPS synchronization.
PTP 450/450i is optimized for reach, reliability and throughput in a compact form factor, making it ideal for enterprise access services such as data, VoIP, video conferencing, video surveillance and backup connection service. 

PTP 450/450i features:

  • Frequency availability: 3.5 GHz, 3.65 GHz, 5470 - 5875 MHz, 4900 - 5925 MHz
  • Capacity:  up to 125 Mbps
  • Latency:  3 - 5 ms
  • Flexible channel width: 5, 10 and 20 MHz
  • Modulation:  256 QAM
  • Smart Antenna Technology:  OFDM 2x2 MIMO A + B


Product Images

PTP 450



PTP 450i


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