Baicells is a high tech company dedicated in wireless broadband access solutions. Our main products and solutions cover indoor and outdoor smallcells, CPE, antenna, etc.

With the vision to connect the un-connected and provide free connection within everyone’s reach, Baicells has introduced some real breakthrough technologies to the LTE system, like moving a complete LTE system to unlicensed spectrums and building it with an IT based architecture. With Baicells turnkey end to end solution, it becomes much easier to provide wireless internet within everyone’s reach at a very low cost.

Baicells’ innovative solutions can be used by mobile operators, broadband access operators, cable operators, mobile virtual operators, governments and enterprise private network.

Baicells Products

Atom R9 Indoor 3.5GHz 5dBi

It’s an all-in-one CPE that is able to replace multiple network components


Atom R9 Outdoor 3.5GHz 11dBi

The most economical CPE available in the current LTE market


Atom R9 Outdoor 3.5GHz 19.5dBi

The Baicells 19.5 dBi model Atom R9 CPE is the most powerful integrated fixed wireless LTE CPE on the market


Nova 250mW LTE Base Station

High performance outdoor micro base station


Nova R9 3.5GHz 10W

Get the most out of your license spectrum by connecting customers with this flexible base station


Nova R9 3.5GHz 1W

The most economical LTE micro plug and play base station solution


Outdoor Shielded DC 14AWG Power Cable

Available in various lengths, connectorized and with a special power connector


SIM Card

Baicells SIM card, sold in singles