• B.A. Concordia
  • CPT201-IL, CCFE
  • Fall Protection Certified  ACSA, OSSA

Having been born in Medicine Hat, it is no surprise that he feels strongly committed and proud of his community. Owning and creating more business in his hometown, to be able to give back to his community, only strengthens those feelings. Growing up, Michael had a strong influence from his father who was and is still his mentor and motivator. Michael learned the fundamentals of a successful business from his family entrepreneur ventures which ultimately guided his career path. Attending University at UNLV and finishing his B.A. degree with honors studying Psychology and Sociology at Concordia University College of Alberta, he was on his way to attend law school with the U of S. That was until he was presented an opportunity into the business world. It has been history ever since. Bringing a fresh and vibrant outlook to this business niche, he helped create new marketing plans, effective sales strategies and significantly strengthened PR within the business channels and customer base. Michael has helped guide and grow MBSI WAV up from a small company to a successful and growing business. He is an extremely motivated and focused person continually striving for new heights, working at a new set of business standards. On a personal note, Michael enjoys staying fit, traveling, spending time with his wife, two daughters and son and is continually motivated by his favorite phrase…”Many times the difference between success and failure is doing something nearly right or doing something exactly right”.