Sales and Marketing Advisor

  • B. A. - Marketing Communications
  • Columbia College

Zach has worked in wireless distribution for over 15 years, and has a substantial track record of success with exceeding budgets and leading sales and marketing teams. Zach is responsible for key vendor relationships for MBSI WAV as well as project management. Earning a BA Marketing Communications from Columbia College, Zach aspired to be an advertising copywriter and quickly found a home within WAV, Inc as a VAR Support Rep and Marketing Coordinator. During his 15 year tenure with WAV, Zach has held titles of VAR Support Rep, Marketing Coordinator, Marketing Director, Sales and Marketing Director, and VP Sales and Marketing. In the last 4 years in a sales leadership role, Zach has helped WAV meet and exceed WAV’s budget numbers every year, growing the company at a minimum of 20% each year. A father of three, husband to one, Zach enjoys spending time with his family, racing triathlons and playing guitar and singing.