Are you a WISP in Canada?

CanWISP needs your help, you do NOT need to be a member of CanWISP to take part in this important case with ISED.

CanWISP is taking part in the ISED Spectrum Consultation 2018-2022 (ISED Consultation Link) as part of its mandate to represent Canada’s wireless internet ISP service providers (WISPs). CanWISP’s objectives are to ensure that the spectrum needed by WISPs in Canada to grow and prosper are given due consideration by ISED in revisions to its spectrum allocation plan and in the wider policy context, that spectrum as a public resource, is used in the most efficient and beneficial manner for all Canadians.

The 52 CanWISP members operate networks providing fixed wireless Internet access to remote and rural areas across Canada (“Rural” is defined as areas with densities of fewer than 400 people per square kilometer, or population centers with fewer than 1,000 people based on CRTC definition re. Communications Monitoring report.), where the big operators do not provide service, thus, the importance of this consultation submission, where CanWISP will set forth the technological and business challenges, current spectrum utilization and future needs and highlight the relevance of WISP participation and growth in order to meet with ISED’s goals of providing affordable broadband for all Canadians.

CanWISP has hired Nordicity – a strategy consultancy specializing in telcoms and ICT – to deliver a White Paper/research report to CanWISP members and support CanWISP’s submission to the ISED’s consultation on the “Spectrum Outlook 2018-2022”. As part of the study process, Nordicity is undertaking an e-survey to Canadian WISPs to assess your current demand and usage of spectrum and current network characteristics, as well as future investment plans and technology development to justify the request for more spectrum to ISED.

For non-CanWISP members please visit here to complete this survey.

For CanWISP members that haven’t completed the survey, please contact Jonathan Black to obtain your unique link.