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As the leading global provider of wireless broadband technology that connects the unconnected, Cambium Networks provides an extensive portfolio of reliable, scalable, and secure internet solutions. MBSI WAV is proud to join forces with Cambium Networks to enable businesses and organizations—including service providers, governmental agencies, utility companies, and public safety networks—to build extensive and reliable communications networks. When you become a Cambium Networks Partner with MBSI WAV, you will have access to the largest stock of high-performance and cost-effective solutions for your customers.

Gain access to market-leading technologies that deliver! Become a Cambium distributor today and help your customers build high-performance networks with customized solutions to fit their needs.

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With MBSI WAV, Becoming A Cambium Partner Is Easy

MBSI WAV, the industry’s premier distributor serving the Canadian wireless market, provides the depth of knowledge and expert services required to fully address the specific technology and service needs of the WISP, VAR, and solution provider communities. MBSI WAV provides product knowledge, support for multi-vendor solutions, and professional value-added services that include:

  • Staging and configuration
  • Site surveys and installations
  • Path profiles and analysis.

We make it easy for you to become a Cambium Networks Partner and provide your customers with in-stock and unparalleled wireless solutions.

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Smart city with Wi-Fi overlay

Partnership Advantages

  • Portfolio of top wireless broadband and enterprise Wi-Fi solutions
  • Access to a comprehensive support center with available technical staff
  • Sales partnering that provides resources that help close deals
  • Free online learning and technical certification resources
  • Extended benefits with specialty vertical markets program
  • Straightforward cloud management technology
  • Scalable solutions for expanding your network
  • Expanded coverage to remote locations

Benefits Of Becoming A Cambium Partner With MBSI WAV

Successful partnerships rely on clear communication and trust. As a Cambium Networks Partner with MBSI WAV, you can depend on our technical support team to provide best-in-class support without the wait. The technical team at our comprehensive support center is ready to serve you—whenever and wherever your need arises. We pride ourselves on delivering a same-day response to customer service requests and quotes.

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From Leo VanBrabant, President/CEO Of MCSNet:

“As one of North America’s largest WISPs, we rely heavily on MBSI WAV to supply us with today’s industry leading products and services. We have been dealing with MBSI WAV for over 5 years and have received unmatched prices and customer service from their highly knowledgeable and friendly staff. We have been with a number of suppliers over the years and we highly recommend MBSI WAV as they are no doubt one of our best suppliers since we’ve started in the fixed wireless broadband business.”

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How Does Fixed Wireless Internet Work in Rural Canada?

Are you interested in how fixed wireless internet works in rural Canada? Learn more about the technology, its benefits, and the solutions available to you.

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Transmit Data Faster With 60 GHz Wireless

Is a 60 GHz solution right for your network? Learn more about the benefits of 60 GHz wireless as a Cambium Networks Partner with MBSI WAV.

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5G vs Fiber–Are Either Right For Your Business?

Before investing in wireless technology, it’s important to understand the difference between 5G and Fiber.

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Fixed Wireless Internet Equipment

Discover the optimal fixed wireless Internet equipment solutions with MBSI WAV and Cambium Networks.

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LTE Vs Wi-Fi – A Practical Comparison For Businesses

Learn more about the advantages and disadvantages of LTE vs Wi-Fi technology.

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Cambium Networks’ e410—Indoor Wi-Fi AP

Learn how Cambium Networks’ e410 access points provide flexibility, low latency, and increased security for your small business and home office needs.

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PTP Backhaul

ePMP Bridge-in-a-Box

Plug-n-Play Outdoor Wireless Ethernet Bridge


PTP 450

Optimized for reach, reliability, and throughput


PTP 550

Point-to-Point Gigabit + Capacity


PTP 670

Point-to-Point and High Capacity Multipoint


PTP 700

One radio — many missions


PTP 820

Licensed Ethernet microwave for multi-service networks


PTP 850

Next generation all-outdoor microwave unit


PMP Distribution

60 GHz cnWave V1000

Wide-range, 80º beamforming for easy installation


60 GHz cnWave V3000

44.5 dBi high-gain antenna with beamforming


60 GHz cnWave V5000

2 sectors covering up to 280 degrees with beamforming


ePMP 1000

The standard in wireless broadband


ePMP 2000

So long, interference


ePMP 3000

High performance, scalability and reliability


ePMP Elevate

Elevate performance without replacing installed hardware


PMP 450

High performance, synchronization and low latency modules for access and backhaul


PMP 450 MicroPoP

Connect hard-to-reach subscribers with an affordable MicroPOP Access Point


PMP 450m

Install one AP device and change everything.


PMP 450m – 3 GHz

Industry-leading 450 platform now available at 3 GHz



Palisade Remote Radio Head (RRH)

High Power Remote Radio Head


Sierra 800 Baseband Unit (BBU)

Simplified LTE with a Virtualized, Embedded core


Tyndall Subscriber Module

Reliable yet cost effective subscriber


cnPilot Wi-Fi

cnPilot Home and Small Business Wi-Fi

Wireless Home Networking


cnPilot Indoor Wi-Fi AP

802.11ac Wave 2 and Wi-Fi 6 Access Points


cnPilot Outdoor Wi-Fi AP

High capacity, high performance


cnPilot Wall Plate

Enterprise class Indoor Wall Plate access point


cnReach IIoT

cnReach IIoT

Wireless communications: powering the Industrial Internet of Things


cnMatrix Switches

EX1000 Series

Fully managed switches delivers full Layer 2 capabilities with enhanced access security


EX2000 Series

Depending on the model, the cnMatrix EX2000 series offers flexibility with SFP+ (10 Gbps) or SFP (1 Gbps) uplink ports.


TX2000 Series

Tower/WISP switch