• Maximize the current budget
  • Leasing offers low monthly payments
  • Improves cash flow and simplifies financial planning
  • Lease payments are often lower than monthly purchase payments
  • 100% financing
  • Leasing provides “total solution financing” for entire acquisition
  • Bundle costs for software and hardware on all your equipment brands
  • Convenient one-stop shopping for all your needs
  • Conserve capital / preserve credit lines
  • Leasing won’t disrupt existing credit lines with banks, lenders
  • Effectively gives the customer an additional line of credit
  • Flexible payment structures
  • Lease payments can be matched to budget levels, or customized as needed to match revenue streams
  • The latest and greatest technology – today AND tomorrow
  • Leasing ensures customers always have the most current technology, a key competitive edge
  • Computer equipment can be returned at lease-end, regardless of book value or disposal expense
  • Easy equipment upgrades
  • Upgrade equipment at any point during the lease
  • Rates are competitive on all lease terms, even for add-on transactions

Owned assets are normally capitalized.  Therefore, depreciation and interest expense are written off for tax purposes.  Monthly lease payments are typically viewed as operating expenses.  This usually offers significant tax benefits.  Companies should always consult with a financial advisor to determine the proper tax strategy.


Most businesses don’t realize just how quickly IT equipment depreciates in value.  For example, industry research shows that a typical IT solution acquired today will be worth just a small fraction of the original equipment costs three years later.  With IT equipment becoming obsolete quicker than ever, companies now need to better manage their technology investments.  Leasing addresses many of the IT issues facing customers today.  IT budgets are too small, and the process to request additional funds is cumbersome and confusing.  Equipment disposal can be extremely time consuming and expensive.  Many companies incur a bank loss because the equipment is obsolete before it is fully depreciated.  Managing the technological obsolescence is a key component in helping reduce companies’ total cost of ownership.


MBSI WAV provides financing for a total solution.  There is no pre-determined limit on the hardware/software lease purchase.  You can finance any type of equipment.  Banks will typically not finance soft costs or software.  We offer the financing and equipment to be your total-solution provider.  Flexible financing supports your needs for technology-refresh options.


If leasing is not an option, nor suited for your company’s financial means, please feel free to call us and we can explain how we may be able to help.  MBSI WAV can tailor a payment plan specifically for you.  (Conditions do apply)