Get Started with cnWave 60GHz

Network Operators can get blazing speed and Gbps performance with Cambium Networks 60GHz cnWave platform, helping you grow your business with an alternative to fiber. Prepare to be amazed at how quickly and efficiently you will get up and running. If you are new to 60GHz cnWave, you can get access to the fastest ramping product in Cambium history at a great low price.

Each starter kit contains everything you need:

  • V5000 Distribution Node (1)
  • V3000 Client Nodes with High-Gain Antennas (2)
  • V2000 Client Nodes (2)
  • V1000 Client Nodes (2)
  • Power Supplies, Line Cords, and Mounting Brackets
  • Each starter kit also includes 90 days of cnMaestro X

With this kit you can deploy a multi-gigabit wireless 1) point-to-point link or 2) a small point-to-multipoint network. Add additional V5000s at standard price to test and experience a distributed network with multiple DNs.

To get your starter kit, complete this form and reference ‘MBSI WAV’ as your preferred distributor.


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