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At WAV and MBSI WAV, we’re often asked about fiber optic cable vs. wireless broadband: Which tool is right for the job? The answer is both. As rural and tribal broadband connectivity has taught us, there isn’t one solution that is perfect for every network and application. Fiber optic bandwidth, which translates to fiber Internet speeds, can deliver multi-gigabit transmissions to business and residential customers, and as wireless broadband distributors, we get to see both sides of the discussion. Many of our Internet service provider and wireless Internet service provider customers have seen technological advancements in point to point and point to multipoint technologies that rival fiber optic speeds.

Deploying Wireless Broadband With Fiber Optic Networks

As Internet service providers and wireless Internet service providers see the convergence of wireless broadband networks with fiber optic networks, the expertise needed to deploy these solutions can be overwhelming. WAV and MBSI WAV have the largest and most consistent stocking position in the service provider market, and our engineering teams carry the expertise and certifications needed to deploy the most complex networks.

Your dedicated sales representative is engaged by taking a responsive, communicative, and pro-active approach to your business, acting as a gateway to a wide breadth of supply chain, finance, engineering, and logistical resources unrivaled by our peers.

Our combined teams are focused on forecasting, planning, and have the combined purchasing capacity for even the largest of rural broadband deployments.

Fiber Or Wireless Broadband: Questions To Ask

At the core of the discussion on whether fiber optic cable or wireless broadband is best for the job, several questions must be asked.

  • How quickly are you looking to connect subscribers?
  • Does your installation require special permitting?
  • Are you able to collaborate with state and local governments/municipalities to leverage towers, buildings or utility locations to reach subscribers?
  • What terrain is between you and your subscribers?
  • What are your bandwidth requirements and what existing technology (fiber optic cable), wireless broadband infrastructure are you competing with?

Our team is available to help answer and guide you through these questions as you’re developing your plans for your network.

Recommendation: Hybrid Network

For Internet service providers seeking gigabit connectivity and faster monetization of their network, WAV and MBSI WAV recommend Tarana Wireless G1 solutions. Tarana’s interference cancellation technology enables 5GHz and 3.65Ghz products to be deployed in days vs. weeks/months. For wireless Internet service providers looking for a reliable ISO-certified fiber optic cable solution, WAV and MBSI WAV recommend Wavenet. With reasonable lead times and a high-quality solution, Wavenet’s bulk fiber optic cable product offerings can deliver the bandwidth needed to bridge the digital divide.     

To partner with MBSI WAV as your wireless ISP distributor, request a dedicated sales representative and start taking advantage of our largest and most consistent stocking position in the market.

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