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WAV, MBSI WAV and Last Mile Gear offer Wi-Fi solutions, networking equipment and wireless broadband technology for school networks and libraries.


WAV, MBSI WAV and Last Mile Gear have the largest and most consistent stocking position in the education market, and your dedicated sales representative is engaged by taking a responsive, communicative, and pro-active approach to your business, acting as a gateway to a wide breadth of supply chain, finance, engineering, and logistical resources unrivaled by our peers. Wi-Fi technology has been globally adopted in both indoor and outdoor venues to bring voice, video and data communication to our schools, libraries, businesses, senior living communities, dormitories, and many more multi-dwelling facilities, and is the backbone by which we communicate, allowing applications for IOT (Internet of Things), VoIP (Voice over IP), IP video surveillance as well as many others. As more and more BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) technology continues to push the pace in offering the latest and greatest Wi-Fi technology, learning facilities with obsolete networks look to us and our partners to solve their most complex gigabit wireless challenges.

MBSI WAV recommends Cambium Networks XV3-8 Wi-Fi 6 Access Point, a Wi- Fi solution that delivers reliable, consistent connectivity to school faculty and students alike. Cambium Networks set themselves apart by offering a centralized cloud management solution (cnMaestro) that enables optimized school network performance. In addition, Cambium Networks Wi-Fi solutions are scalable, and can cover one individual school, or span district-wide to support more than 10,000 students. Cambium Networks technologies are designed to deliver high-bandwidth, stable internet at all times—even under heavy load. Gigabit speeds power classroom learning, while reliable connectivity ensures the focus can be kept on learning—and not on IT infrastructure.

Contact MBSI WAV today to align with a dedicated MBSI WAV sales representative. As your wireless broadband and Wi-Fi solutions distributor, we would love to work with you and make your next school network project a success.

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