Xirrus Trade Up to Wi-Fi 6/6E

As a Xirrus customer, you know the advantages a high-performance Wi-Fi network provides. In 2019, Xirrus was acquired by Cambium Networks. Since that time, the two organizations have combined forces to develop innovative Wi-Fi 6/6E and software solutions leveraging the latest Wi-Fi technologies—moving forward the high-performance standard for which Xirrus is known.

As a Xirrus customer, you can take advantage of exclusive pricing on Cambium’s Wi-Fi 6/6E offerings with the Xirrus Trade-Up Promotion.

Many benefits are available to you by trading in your existing XR-series products for XV- or XE-series Wi-Fi 6/6E:

  • Significant discounts on new Cambium XV- and XE-series Wi-Fi 6/6E solutions
  • The latest standards-compliant Wi-Fi 6/6E technology that provides revolutionary changes from Wi-Fi 5
  • Management of Cambium’s entire portfolio—Wi-Fi, switching, security, SD-WAN, and outdoor fixed wireless solutions—as a single platform
  • Compatibility with existing Xirrus functionality, including EasyPass with Microsoft and Google integration, Application Control, L2-L7 Policy Engine, and more

Offer valid until December 31, 2024.

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Product Class Xirrus AP Model to Trade Up From Recommended Cambium Wi-Fi 6/6E Replacement(s)
2 Radio APs XR-520 XV2-2X
XR-620 XE3-4 or XV2-2X
  • XR-630
  • XR-2220
  • XR-2225
  • XR-2226
  • XR-2230
  • XR-2235
  • XR-2236
  • XR-2247
4 Radio APs
  • XR-2420
  • XR-2425
  • XR-2426
  • XR-2430
  • XR-2435
  • XR-2436
  • XR-2436-WAVE2
  • XR-2447
  • XR-4420
  • XR-4426
  • XR-4430
  • XR-4436
  • XR-4447
8 Radio APs
  • XR-4820
  • XR-4826
  • XR-4830
  • XR-4836
  • XR-4836-WAVE2
  • XR-4847
  • XR-6820
  • XR-6830
  • XR-6836
12 & 16 Radio APs
  • XR-7220
  • XR-7230
  • XR-7620
  • XR-7630

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