ICT MPS Ultra Power System- 2U4

12-position fully managed load distribution outputs





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The ICT MPS Ultra provides up to 12 kW of hot swappable, managed DC power for a broad range of communications and broadband applications. Available for 48, 24 or 12 volt DC applications, MPS Ultra systems are preconfigured at the factory to provide fast, easy installation at the site. Every model includes the ICT Intelligent Control Module to provide full TCP/IP remote monitoring and control of all system functions. A variety of battery management and load distribution combinations are available to suit your requirements.

The Intelligent Control Module provides TCP/IP remote monitoring and control. The Battery Management Module provides a 150 Amp low voltage disconnect, dual 100 Amp battery breakers with advanced sealed lead acid battery functions including battery state of charge, estimated run time remaining, and battery discharge testing. Li-ion battery management systems are supported as well.

Up to three Load Distribution Modules can be ordered for supporting up to 12 load devices. Rated at 25A max. each, every output is capable of monitoring and reporting load current conditions. Remote power control over Ethernet allows for the power-cycling or de-energizing of individual loads without having to visit the site.

The ICT MPS Ultra is designed, manufactured and supported in North America to meet the need for wireless communications, broadband and other critical DC power applications

Product Applications
  • Critical wireless communications networks
  • Fixed Wireless Access
  • Radio Access Networks
  • Distributed Antenna Systems
  • Security and surveillance
  • Industrial DC power
Product Features
  • Up to 8 hot swappable 700 or 1500 watt, 48 or 24 volts, DC power modules
  • 100-300 volts AC input with PFC
  • Up to 95% efficiency
  • -30 C to +60 C operating temperature range
  • TCP/IP Ethernet is standard on every model and provides complete easy-to-use remote monitoring and control of the power system using secure graphical user interface or SNMPv3
  • Battery Backup with 150A LVD and adjustable disconnect and reconnect voltage setpoints
  • Dual 100A battery disconnect breakers
  • User Adjustable output voltages and battery charge current limit
  • Advanced SLA Battery Management features including state of charge, estimated run-time remaining and discharge testing
  • Support for Li-ion battery management systems
  • 4, 8 or 12 fully managed breaker- protected 25A load outputs
  • Digital and analog inputs for site monitoring sensor reporting
Product Includes
  • ICT MPS Ultra Power System- 2U4
  • Dual 100A Battery disconnect breakers
  • 150A Low Voltage Disconnect
Max. no. of Power Modules4
Output voltage polarityPOS or NEG
BMM with Low Voltage DisconnectYes
BMM rating150
No. of managed 25A outputs12
700W Power Modules
Total power output 2,800W
Max. system current - 48VDC50A
Max. system current - 24VDC100A
Max. system current - 12VDC150A
1500W Power Modules
Total power output 6,000W
Max. system current - 48VDC108A
Max. system current - 24VDC150A

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