Cambium Networks’ e410—Indoor Wi-Fi AP

As a Cambium Networks Partner, you’ll access leading-edge technology like Cambium Networks’ e410 and XV2-2 indoor access points and an expert team to guide your deployment.

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If you own a small business or work from home, your Internet connection is vital to your success. With Cambium Networks’ e410 indoor Wi-Fi AP, you’ll find a flexible and reliable solution for your networks that meet Wi-Fi 5 or earlier standards. If you want to upgrade to Wi-Fi 6 and future-proof your current network, Cambium Networks’ XV2-2 offers a backward compatible solution that will enhance support for more connected devices and low power, low bitrate IoT devices. Discover which AP solution is best for you by contacting the expert team behind the technology.

Cambium e410 For Small Business

A fast and reliable internet connection is crucial for small businesses to stay competitive. With the right wireless access point, a small business can enjoy a high-performance Wi-Fi network comparable to most enterprise Wi-Fi networks. Cambium Networks’ e410 APs ensure your connection will remain strong, even as the number of connected devices and environment density increases.

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Cambium e410 For Home Office

When you work from home, distractions occur. However, a low-quality Internet connection should not be one of them. Cambium Networks’ e410 access points offer an affordable solution with a free controller and no AP management license fees. If you need to expand Wi-Fi coverage, indoor meshing across multiple e410s can extend network flexibility. With Cambium Networks, your customers will not worry about dropped connections during important business meetings.

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Cambium e410 Or Cambium XV2-2

While Cambium Networks’ e410 access points provide fast and reliable connectivity, Cambium Networks’ XV2-2 builds on that technology to future-proof your network. Newer technology delivers higher speed and quality while allowing for more connected devices. Additionally, XV2-2 APs can be managed remotely with cnMaestro™ technology.

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Comparing Cambium Networks’ e410 And XV2-2 Access Points

Criteria Cambium e410 AP XV2-2 Wi-Fi 6 AP
Technology 802.11ac Wave 2 Dual-Band 2×2
Indoor Access Point
802.11ax Dual-Radio 2×2 Access Point
Speed Slower than XV2-2 Faster than e410 AP
Coverage Lower than XV2-2 Longer range
Latency Low Low
Security Does not support WPA 3 Better wireless security with WPA 3
Cost Management through cnMaestro is free
No need to buy a license for each AP
W-Fi 6 upgrade costs
Management through cnMaestro is free
No need to buy a license for each AP

For customers who are not ready to upgrade to Wi-Fi 6, Cambium Networks’ e410 indoor Wi-Fi AP offers the high-speed, high-quality performance you’ve come to expect from Cambium Networks. If you need to grow your network and are exploring Wi-Fi 6 options, Cambium Networks’ XV2-2 can help you stay ahead of your competition

As a Cambium Networks Partner, you’ll gain access to leading Wi-Fi network solutions and expert technical guidance for your deployments. Learn more about becoming a partner today.

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