Fixed Wireless Internet Equipment

MBSI WAV provides white-glove service and high-quality solutions for our Cambium Networks Partners. Learn more about becoming a Cambium Networks Partner for best-in-class performance and service.

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Individuals and organizations continue to expand their Internet use at home and at work. To meet the growing needs of a dynamic customer base, you need high-quality, high-performing, and future-proofed fixed wireless Internet equipment offerings. The MBSI WAV team of experts can help you determine what equipment would best deliver in either unlicensed or licensed spectrum bands. Regardless of your subscriber volume, location, or expectations, MBSI WAV delivers unmatched performance with Cambium Networks’ fixed wireless Internet equipment solutions.

Cambium Networks’ Fixed Wireless Internet Equipment

MBSI WAV provides a variety of high-quality Cambium Networks’ solutions for fixed wireless Internet. From routers and switches to network and data link layer technologies—including asynchronous transfer mode (ATM), IP, synchronous optical networking (SONET), and dense wavelength division multiplexing (DWDM)—our experienced team will help you find the right equipment that meets and exceeds your expectations.

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Fixed Wireless Internet Equipment For Base Stations

As the central connection point for wireless device communications, your base station must have high-quality and dedicated bandwidth wire or fiber optic connections. Cambium Networks’ base stations are designed for service providers delivering IP data and voice services over Microwave Multi-Channel Delivery Systems (MMDS) bands, Wireless Communications Service (WCS) bands, and MDS service channels that use the frequency bands 2150 MHz to 2162 MHz and 2650 MHz to 2680 MHz. At MBSI WAV, we’re ready to assist you in determining the best equipment for your deployment.

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Rural Fixed Wireless Internet Equipment

MBSI WAV provides high-functioning rural Internet options with Cambium Networks’ fixed wireless Internet equipment. Expand your network with just three pieces of equipment:

  • An outdoor antenna that uses a 5 GHz wireless signal to provide high-speed broadband service through an Ethernet cable
  • An antenna power supply that communicates broadband data from your access point
  • An access point providing on-site connectivity

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Learn how becoming a Cambium Networks Partner allows you access to fixed wireless Internet equipment, seamless network expansion, high-quality performance no matter the location.

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