How Does Fixed Wireless Internet Work In Rural Canada?

Access leading-edge fixed wireless internet solutions as a Cambium Networks Partner to help your customers build powerful communication networks customized to fit their needs.

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Fixed Wireless Internet Fills The Gaps 

Fixed wireless internet fills the gaps in high-speed wired networks—especially in rural areas and developing markets. As a Cambium Networks Partner through MBSI WAV, you can access fixed wireless solutions for your rural deployments. Using stationary wireless access points to bring connectivity directly into consumer households, our high-performance fixed wireless solutions are reliable, efficient, and cost-effective.

How Does Fixed Wireless Internet Work?

Fixed wireless internet uses radio waves transmitted by a cell tower to foster an internet connection. Unlike cable, DSL, or fiber—which all use some form of in-ground wiring to transmit internet signals—fixed wireless relies on a receiver that accepts signals from the nearest wireless base station. The signals are then transmitted to the router and converted to a Wi-Fi connection.

Benefits Of Fixed Wireless Internet

  • Rural availability: Fixed wireless broadband reaches areas where DSL, cable, and fiber may not be available—making it the ultimate high-speed option for households in rural and remote communities.
  • No phone line required: Fixed wireless internet offers a straightforward method of equipping homes in rural and remote areas with a highly-reliable web service plan that requires no phone lines or direct physical connections.
  • High data allowances: Most internet service providers enforce some form of data cap. MBSI WAV fixed wireless internet solutions provide users with unlimited monthly data.

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