Transmit Data Faster With 60 GHz Wireless

Access leading-edge 60GHz wireless technology as a Cambium Networks Partner to help your customers build powerful communication networks with solutions customized to fit their needs.

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Are you interested in high-performance products and best-in-class service with a significantly lower TCO than fiber infrastructure? For edge access or high-capacity backhaul, deploy fast and cost-effective wireless gigabit connectivity with a 60 GHz wireless Cambium Networks solution.

Discover The Benefits Of 60 GHz Wireless

With 60 GHz wireless, more data transmits faster. Radios operating in the license-free 60 GHz band possess unique characteristics not found in other wireless systems.

  • Spectral availability to achieve gigabit-plus data rates
  • High allowable transmit power for solid signal strength and range
  • Five times more capacity per subscriber in multipoint configuration than 5GHz
  • Worldwide availability and acceptance
  • License exempt operation
  • Narrow beamwidth and oxygen absorption for interference immunity and secure operation

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Explore The cnWave 60 GHz Platform

The proof is in the performance with Cambium Networks’ 60GHz cnWave solution. Created with high-speed, high-density deployments in mind, cnWave technology offers leading wireless solutions at a significantly reduced TCO compared with fiber infrastructure. As a Cambium Networks Partner, you can ramp up fast with a 60 GHz cnWave Starter Kit.

Today’s businesses, organizations, and residences require fast and reliable wireless connectivity. Get connected and stay connected with the perfect 60 GHz wireless solution for your deployment.

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