Enabling AI-Powered Networking

Today, nearly every industry uses the revolutionary technology of artificial intelligence (AI) for business as well as personal applications. In the field of network operations, AI helps automate many tedious, repetitive workflows that can bog down human administrators, including root-cause analysis, monitoring, and incident management. Organizations also use AI to help monitor and optimize network performance and make intelligent maintenance predictions to help administrators avoid costly downtimes that can result from substandard tools and practices.

This guide explores what AI-powered networking looks like in real-world applications and describes the RUCKUS Networks solutions that enable this technology.

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AI-Powered Network Analytics

AI-Powered Network Analytics

An AI-powered network analytics solution assists IT teams with monitoring, incident management, and troubleshooting. This minimizes the risk of human error and streamlines operations for greater efficiency. For example, RUCKUS Analytics uses artificial intelligence to provide comprehensive network visibility, incident triaging, root-cause analysis (RCA), service validation, and more.

AI-Powered Radio Resource Management (AI RRM)

AI-powered radio resource management (AI RRM) uses artificial intelligence to automatically optimize wireless radio configurations for maximum performance, capacity, and coverage. With the power of AI, RRM intelligently optimizes the network based on observed trends and patterns to maximize performance while reducing human error and other inefficiencies. For example, the AI-driven cloud radio resource management solution from RUCKUS improves access point (AP) capacity, so fewer units are needed to deliver an optimal Wi-Fi experience.

A wireless speed gauge showing improved performance with AI-powered networking.
A glowing network with a cloud in the center portrays the benefits of centralized AI-powered cloud management.

AI-Powered Cloud Management

An AI-powered cloud management platform gives administrators centralized control over converged networks. Artificial intelligence automates the repetitive network management workflows that are most susceptible to human error. As a result, complex enterprise networks see improved security, reliability, and overall operational efficiency. For example, the RUCKUS One AI-powered networking platform provides centralized visibility and automated management for converged enterprise networks. In addition, this cloud-managed solution is easy to deploy and scale without additional hardware overhead.

Enabling AI-Powered Networking with RUCKUS Networks

AI-Powered Network Solutions Comparison

RUCKUS Analytics RUCKUS AI-powered analytics streamlines network operations via:
  • Comprehensive network visibility
  • Incident triaging
  • Root-cause analysis (RCA)
  • Service validation – and more
RUCKUS Cloud AI RRM RUCKUS AI-powered cloud radio resource management (RRM) automatically optimizes wireless APs for:
  • Maximum performance
  • Maximum capacity
  • Maximum coverage
RUCKUS One Cloud Management RUCKUS One AI-powered cloud management for converged wireless and wired enterprise networks deliver:
  • Scalability
  • Centralized visibility
  • Automated management

RUCKUS Networks offers a variety of AI-powered networking solutions to fit a wide range of use cases and deployment capacities. Joining the MBSI WAV Partner Program gives you immediate, exclusive access to all RUCKUS solutions. As a trusted RUCKUS Networks distributor, MBSI WAV can help you find the right artificial intelligence tools and hardware platforms to address your challenges and meet your operational goals.

To learn more about joining the RUCKUS Partner Program to help you enable AI-powered networking, contact MBSI WAV today.

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