Wi-Fi Campus Network Design Guide

Campuses have diverse network requirements because no two deployments are exactly alike. A small urban campus with tightly-clustered buildings and few outdoor spaces requires an entirely different network design than that of a sprawling flagship university with agricultural sites, massive lecture halls, and outdoor stadiums. This Wi-Fi campus network design guide discusses the fundamental principles and best practices for campus wireless connections and considers the various sizes and types of deployments. It also explains how to find the best wireless solutions for your campus network.

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A a good Wi-Fi campus network design allows for lecture halls full of students using laptops with wireless internet connections.
A wireless access point like those used in Wi-Fi campus network design.

Wireless Access Points for Campus Networks

An access point (AP) broadcasts a campus Wi-Fi network and allows clients to connect. The best practice is distributing wireless APs around campus at key locations where users commonly access the network. Keep in mind that one size (or solution) doesn’t necessarily fit all deployment locations — that’s why RUCKUS Networks offers a wide selection of specialty wireless access points. Whether you need wireless coverage outdoors, in high-density spaces, or inside buildings with Wi-Fi-unfriendly building materials, RUCKUS has solutions for you.

Ethernet Switches for All Deployment Sizes

An Ethernet switch delivers network access to wireless APs and other parts of campus infrastructure, including wall ports in offices, classrooms, labs, and other spaces that need wired access. The type of Ethernet switch installation will depend on the size and performance requirements of the campus deployment.

  • Access switches are ideal for smaller deployments like community colleges or satellite campuses.
  • Aggregation switches are the typical solution for Wi-Fi campus network design and work well for any size deployment.
  • Core switches are commonly used on campuses with higher performance requirements, like engineering or computer science programs.
An ethernet switch like those used in Wi-Fi campus network design
A simulated interface of a unified network controller like those used in Wi-Fi campus network design.

Unified Network Controllers for Campus LAN & WLAN

A network controller is exactly what it sounds like: a solution that controls the network. Traditionally, campuses would need to deploy separate controllers for the wired LAN and the wireless LAN (or WLAN), but the best practice is to converge these functions with a single solution. A unified controller like the RUCKUS SmartZone solution gives administrators single-pane-of-glass visibility and control to simplify campus network management.

Wi-Fi Campus Network Design with MBSI WAV and RUCKUS Networks

Wireless Access Points (APs) RUCKUS offers high-performance wireless APs to fit any campus deployment, including:
  • Challenging outdoor environments
  • Tight spaces
  • High client density
ICX Ethernet Switches The RUCKUS ICX family of APs and network controllers work seamlessly to cover any campus deployment scenario and deliver network access via:
  • Access switches
  • Aggregation switches
  • Core switches
SmartZone Controllers RUCKUS SmartZone Network controllers simplify campus network administration by:
  • Unifying wired and wireless LAN management
  • Automating routine tasks like updates and provisioning

RUCKUS Networks provides wireless solutions to help you overcome the various and unique challenges of campus networking., The only way to access these solutions, however, is by becoming a RUCKUS partner. As a trusted RUCKUS Networks distributor, MBSI WAV can connect you with the best wireless access points, Ethernet switches, and converged network controllers. Becoming a RUCKUS partner through MBSI WAV gives you access to high-performance hardware guaranteed to be in stock and comprehensive, white-glove support from a team of wireless networking experts.

Wi-Fi campus network design is easier with RUCKUS Networks. To learn more about the benefits of joining the RUCKUS Partner Program, contact MBSI WAV today.

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